November 2008

This bunny is really, really, really adorable. It makes you want to just cuddle with it and rub its soft fur.



Harvey the Wonder Hampster is written by Weird Al and this bunny is singing it, but we think that the reason it’s singing such a weird song is because it’s a drunken bunny.

This bunny is Joe Pesci in disguise.


Watch the baby panda for the sneeze. Watch the momma panda for the reaction.

he honks in a friendly manner

i really miss the Fredricksburg  train station it was only about ten or fifteen minuets from my house and every day that i had a good day at school i got to  go and watch the V.R.E.

it  was  a train memory a wonderful train memory

You can see it here.

This is the train I want to drive one day. My father rode this train to work in Washington, D.C.

This is my father’s opinion about the VRE:

I liked riding on the VRE. It’s very comfortable and very fast – and, of course, my son loves trains!

Watch the VRE train here.

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