April 2008

This is Roger. I found him when he was just a newborn baby rabbit. He was playing in the playground near our house and I caught him and brought him home. I’ve had Roger for about two weeks and he’s almost three times bigger than when I caught him. He’s very fun to watch.


Amtrak is the number one passenger rail company. Santa Fe passenger trains are my favorite. The best ones are the dinner trains.

I’ll try to find an advertisement picture, maybe ads from Amtrak themselves.

The slogan on my title is by me.

Here’s an awesome train photo that you can use for a computer wallpaper.

Sunrise train wallpaper

Train horns are very cool, but their main use is to get people out of the way. I will be having some new videos and you will hear a bunch of train horns. If you have a son or a daughter or both, share it with them.

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